Chinmaya Dunster, Music

Chinni is a seeker who came to India in the 70s. Like many young people in the west, he felt a calling to journey toward a way of life that offered more than just material pleasure. India. The sound of that word somehow carried a message from another time, another world.

In 1975, passing through Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, he reached India. All along, drinking the subtle sounds, the rhythms, the melody that seemed to be an invitation, to drown. Deeper. Deeper still.

He found a tribe. People of all faiths, all nationalities. Dancing, singing keertan, meditating. Not in the himalayas. Not by the gushing rivers. But in a very middle-class, matter of fact town in west of India, Pune. Osho’s commune. He allowed himself to take the plunge, he started meditating. His path was of surrender. To the music.

Chinni does not create music. Music happens to him. He just, allows.

Chinmaya is also an active environmentalist. In love with India’s forms. Mountains. Rivers. Lakes. Forests. His daughter – you see her in the picture – is named Koel after his two loves: nature & music.

Chinni would love to hear from you! Do connect @ (

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