Pradeep Reddy

Pradeep Reddy, Cam Assistant

I met Pradeep with this super sized Panasonic HD camera that i hadn’t bargained for. I was shooting in the dark. Err. I mean, the shoot was planned far in the South. A decision made over phone. And it stumped me! For a while.

You see, when you are shooting real life, you need stability plus agility. Pick your camera, run after the folk singer about to disappear in a crowd of 300,000. Change angles. Tripod up, down. Zip Zap Zoom. That kind. But, this baby, amma!

Till the erstwhile fitness instructor in me noticed. Pradeep’s biceps! In fact he had decent triceps as well. Hurrah!

But as i began to film with him over a period of 30 odd days, it became clear. He had that essential quality to become a great camera person, Patience. The ability, not just to ‘go there and get it’. But to wait. For things to happen. That is where -not muscles, not brains – but the feminine qualities of receptivity, patience, and belief are needed.

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