Sandeep Srivastava

Sandeep Srivastava, Singer

No, no. Don’t get it wrong! Sandeep is not the Dude he looks in the photo! He just, sometimes, likes to shock us all into believing that he can also be a dude. You see, it was only in college that Sandeep realised that singing gets special attention from the young ladies. His genre was, serious. Ghazal and Indian classical. But his voice blended those with his quintessential charm, adding a dimension of weightlessness, ease, spontaneity to the melody.

Sandeep’s mother is from west Punjab, now Pakistan. His father, from Awadh. He carries the vibe of both. The open heartedness of Punjab, and the grace of Awadh. A unique blend that can be experienced in his songs, his music, or in a simple chit-chat with him. No, No. Please don’t get it wrong. This dude … he got mucho depth!

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