Thomas Mahler

Thomas Mahler, Additional Music

Thomas is a german percussionist, keyboardist and composer. I met him on the … yes. Internet. We teamed up here. He has been playing percussion since his teens covering quite a range of styles: Reggae, Jazz, Funk and World Music. But what he really enjoys now is creating his own compositions.

Music is an expression. Of the inner. All about sharing experiences, feelings and emotions. When he experiences a state of deep inner peace and tranquility “…I don’t just want to keep that peace for myself but wish to share it with others.”

He finds that he can communicate much more precisely in music than by writing or talking,” Words are such a limited means of communication! Music is so much more powerful, universal and fundamental. Music is about giving. The musician gives to the audience. I want to
give positive and helpful things like love, joy, peace and light.”

Thomas and his music can be found @

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