Carsten Ohrmann

Carsten has had years of experience in leading business positions of global companies. Watching the ups dealing with the downs. Both. He realised his way was to discover a new approach for business leaders. Combining science and spirituality. An evolution from a materialistic to an idealistic worldview. He is on a path to promote sustainable personal, economical, and global transformation through the introduction of “Scientific Spirituality in Business“. He works with pioneers of future leadership who share a desire for personal, professional, collective growth. []

“Through the eyes of a body born in the western world, reaching a mind conditioned by the respective society, this film appears so different in comparison with most of the media presented to us today.

Unfamiliar views. Unfamiliar sounds. So strange, but somehow so engaging that an unknown part of you resists the temptation to stop watching, the temptation not to lose time and to simply move on with the “important and urgent” tasks of your daily life.

The part of our being attracted by the sheer beauty of the pictures and sounds is actually touched and moved by the profound and often deeply hidden truth addressed in Akanksha Joshi’s film “Hindu Nectar”.

On the surface it might appear to be a religious film on Hinduism, but for those who are looking beyond the scenes of our worldly play it is so much more: It’s a hint to the true nature of existence. Not just a documentation of the heritage of people living in India, but an insight into the true nature of all human beings, of all life, of all we call our reality.

The wisdom contained in Hindu Nectar will serve as the complementary aspect to the emerging scientific revolution that will change the way we look at the world.

I’m grateful to have met Akanksha and her lovely mother in person. They are a true inspiration for people who aim to rediscover the roots of their Indian culture and for all other human beings worldwide, whose souls seek to remember their ultimate origin whilst still humbly walking the earth.”

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