Lalita Ramdas & Admiral Ramdas aka Ramu Ramdas Lolly aunty, the daughter of the first Indian Navy chief, Admiral Katari who married his Aide-de-camp, the handsome young Ramdas. He went on to become the chief of naval staff and is known to us as Admiral Ramdas, or, Ramu Uncle. Lolly aunty has been a forces daughter, a forces wife, Plus. She has witnessed the wars for India, with her loved ones defending India in it. She has witnessed the communal riots. With her vision of india being mutilated through it. I speak from my own experience, life in the forces does give you a top angle view. It is elite life. But these two always chose – through their tenure in the Navy and after that – to remain connected with the earth of India, her people, her environment. Whether it is supporting the anti-corruption movement that took the shape of AAP, or participation actively in anti-nuke power movements, fighting along the people of Raigad, against SEZs. They have been there. And. Are doing that. Young, forever. India, forever. As we say in the army, Tagda Raho! (Stay Strong! )

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