Dr. Vasant Joshi aka Swami Satya Vedant: Former Chancellor of Osho Multiversity; Visiting Professor / India Scholar teaching Eastern Religion and Hinduism at Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio.

My personal understanding is that, for religion to be authentic it must be grounded in the full range of human experience, and it must, as well, demonstrate the power to facilitate extraordinary personal transformation throughout this entire range. The brilliantly filmed/directed/narrated documentary by Akanksha Damini Joshi shows precisely how Hindu religion is grounded in profound universal Human experience, grounded equally in what one may call our spiritual nature.

The method adopted in this investigation is a harmonious blending of cinematography, diversity, and introspective sharing by the seekers. It is descriptive and yet makes the point in brief how the Hindu religion is professed, practiced, and exemplified by one’s living the religion as a way of life. The focus of this highly informative documentary is not limited to simply introducing the Hindu religion as such but also to genuinely convey the transforming and transcending messages of this all inclusive path of self-realization.

I find, Hindu Nectar: Spiritual Wanderings in India, more as a visual poetry which not only enhances one’s aesthetic sense perception in understanding the beautiful mosaic of Hindu religion, but it also captures one’s imagination as to how, while remaining rooted to the Earth, one can move towards the vast sky with an unbounded jubilation.

–Dr. Vasant Joshi

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