International Festival of Yog, Culture, Spirituality

Every space carries its own feel. Every audience its own energy.

Making a film is like weaving a huge cloth, perhaps like a carpet. There are woven certain secrets. Through sounds, through pacing. Perhaps through a shot. To make you – the audience – smile, laugh, cry … Feel. Hours of Feeling. Sensing. The potential effect.

We have never had an audience like this. An audience that was so in sync with those subtle weaves. The spontaneous sighs, the laughs, the claps. All fell into place at the 4th International Festival of Yog, Culture and Spirituality. Folks numbering nearly 1500. From the word go, completely in sync. Receptive. Grahak. A joy for any experience-weaver!

Sharing a few moments, captured. Letting many, float free.